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About SafeAim

What ever the project, we will provide, in conjunction with a partner, a coherent, flexible and auditable individual training service for the AFV crewman, crews and teams that:

A recent example of this work was the Project "Armoured Vehicle Training Service (AVTS)" for the British Army (Project started January 1998). The British Army requires an overarching strategy for an Armoured Vehicle Training Service (AVTS) underpinned by the tenets of the Public Private Partnership (PPP) initiative (Announced in June 2005 that they have decided not to go ahead with the PFI (See:, however the requirement for the Armoured Vehicle Training continues and the MOD intend to adopt a conventional incremental procurement strategy for certain elements of AFV Training.

SafeAim Ltd. was an exclusive sub-contractor and contributor to the selected intended preferred bidder, Landmark. We are based close to Bovington, near The Armour Centre for the British Army. SafeAim is well-known in the AFV training community and it has unrivalled capabilities in the field of AFV training courseware development, especially in the synthetic environment.

SafeAim understands not only the military ethos but also the AFV training need and the current Formation Readiness Cycle (FRC). These capabilities come from understanding the customer requirements of the British Army Training and Recruiting Agency (ATRA) and UK Land Forces. SafeAim Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) are hand picked for their in-depth, detailed knowledge of all aspects of AFV course design, planning, delivery and deployment, and further analysis into skill fade.

All of SafeAim's SMEs have recently served as instructors or in a senior capacity, with the British Army at various arms schools. They are acutely aware of the challenges associated with training soldiers efficiently and cost-effectively in the AFV environment.