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CR2(E) Training Strategy

As part of a combined Training Needs Analysis (TNA) team (Vickers Defence Systems (Prime Contractor), Adval Plc. and SafeAim Ltd.) designed the training strategy to be adopted for the CR2(E) training system, which was dependant on the customer requirements which would normally follow the existing training policy, the following example is for instructor led training.

The intention would be to supplement your existing system with a more modern high tech approach, which will provide the instructors with more cost-effective tools and the trainees with a better learning environment.

Instruction of vehicle operators will be tailored to classes of six to eight trainees working to a single instructor. As with current practice each of the individual tank operating skills would be taught as a separate skill; i.e. commander, gunner, loader and driver.

Team training, at the low level, will be provided where crew supervision or crew inter-activity is required to enhance crew performance. Higher-level team training will be provided up to sub-unit level only.

If your training policy relies heavily on the use of prime equipment for all training functions, this policy will be retained as part of the strategy for CR2(E), and supplemented with simulators and other training devices as and when required.

Technical training will follow (where possible) the repair policy being applied to CR2(E), that is primarily one of replacement of defective parts only. This will mean that a lower technical skill level will be required to be attained by trainees, who will be relying on the Hand Held Computer and BITE for the majority of their fault diagnosis.

There will be an additional requirement to provide separate maintenance training to level 2 maintenance personnel, as vehicle crews will not be performing these tasks.

The basic assumption has been taken that all vehicle operators will have basic military skills prior to attending training on CR2(E).