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Feasibility Study (FS) for TERRIER

The MOD initiated a procurement programme, the aim and scope of which is to replace the British Army's Combat Engineer Tractor (CET) with a new vehicle in 2006; the replacement vehicle is known as TERRIER. Vickers Defence Systems (VDS) was one of two contractors who were awarded contracts to carry out a Feasibility Study (FS) for the TERRIER programme; subsequently, VDS were awarded the production development contract. As part of the PD contract, VDS with Adval and SafeAim has conducted a high level Training Needs Analysis (TNA). The TNA adhered to the processes identified and defined in "A Tri-Service Guide to Training Needs Analysis (TNA) for Procurement Projects Issue 1, November 1998".

The aim of the TNA was to identify potential training solutions (with different levels of training effectiveness and associated cost) to satisfy the training needs of three target populations:

Key Benefits:

An interim TNA Report with enough data to make reasoned judgments about the relative merits of the various training options proposed in terms of: