SafeAim Ltd.
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Training Needs Analysis (TNA)

SafeAim understands and appreciates the importance of the TNA in the procurement process. The information gained from the TNA is pivotal in identifying the training requirements, whilst providing our customers with a number of fully justified training options from which to choose the solution which best satisfies the training needs, at minimum cost.

The method adopted by SafeAim for carrying out the TNA is based on the UK MOD "A guide to Training Needs Analysis" (Army Code 71536 revised January 1996) and A Tri-Service Guide - Training Needs Analysis for Procurement Projects, Version 1, November 98. The requirement to work in consultation with the customer during the TNA is seen as vital to the success of designing and implementing a training system. The TNA SafeAim propose to conduct will provide the customer with the tools and data to identify a fully integrated training system. The TNA will be conducted in 3 Stages; the product of each phase will be delivered to the customer for their acceptance:

  1. Task and Job Analysis.
  2. Training Requirements and Gap Analysis.
  3. Training Options Analysis.
SafeAim model links directly with the processes for course design and development of both courseware and training media. This ensures that time is saved whilst continuity and an audit trail are assured from development to full production of the training system.